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One of biggest hurdles new hunters face is whether or not to use a .177 or a .22 caliber. The answer for most people will always be the .22 caliber. The .22 caliber is among the most popular in the world for a reason – it’s superior.

The following are 5 reasons why I prefer a .22 caliber over a .177 caliber

  1. Increased Power

Do you want power? A .22 provides about 20% more power per shot than a .177 caliber. With a pellet that’s nearly double the weight, the extra power is impressive. When shooting game, it’s also far more humane to shoot with a .22.

  1. Hunting Dominance

When you want to go out and hunt, a .177 is never the ideal option. These pellets are small and will often go through the animal but not stop it. This leaves you with an injured animal running around and ultimately suffering as a result.

A .22 is not a 100% kill, but it’s definitely going to kill most animals on the first shot.

The running and thrashing around that’s often seen with a .177 is all but eliminated with a .22. Even when trying to kill pests, you don’t want them to suffer in the process.

  1. Maintain Accuracy

The gun and scope are the main factor in accuracy loss. With a .22, you’re gaining power and keeping the same level of accuracy in the process. The right rifle and scope will ensure that you hit targets every time, yet you’ll be able to do so with a much higher impact.

It’s true, a .22 is slower, but with the power of the hit and the same accuracy, you’ll still be able to hit your target.

  1. More Hunting Options

An accurate shot can kill most small animals with ease. A .22 allows you to kill animals that are slightly bigger than a rabbit and allows for a small level of inaccuracy on your part. After all, it’s not common that the animal doesn’t move before it’s hit.

A .22 provides a buffer between impact and hits with more force allowing the game to be killed instantly or remain stunned as you get off a second shot.

  1. Closer Range

There’s no doubt about it that a .177 has a higher velocity and may go further, but I prefer a closer range shot. This is a personal preference, but at a closer range, I found that accuracy is increased and my shot provides a little extra boost of power.

The differences between a .177 and a .22 are rather small. Both provide highly accurate shots, but the .22 is the preferred model by most shooters. Why? The pellets are larger, allowing for an easier time hitting the target. And a .22 is far more powerful than its counterpart. While a .22 may have a lower fps, the increased impact is well worth the slight loss in fps.

Between these two calibers, it’s truly a matter of personal preference and what works best for you.