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  • Quality Air Rifles: Guide To Choose The Very Best

    Choosing a high quality air rifle can be quite tricky since there are a lot of technical differences and specifications. Some small game hunters even opine that air rifles actually are more sensitive and complex in terms of maintenance as against big ammunition firearms. If you are planning to get […]

  • Best Quiet Air Rifles Comparison

    Air rifles are quite useful in many ways. On one hand, it is a great tool for target practice or plinking, and on the other, it can also be effective for small to medium hunting. Whatever purposes you may have for getting such a device, there is a lot of […]

  • Beginners Guide to Air Rifles and Air Guns

    Air rifle is a kind of air gun that usually uses a pneumatic type of firing, which basically means utilizing gas or compressed air to propel loaded projectiles. Depending on the ammunition used, from pellets to BBs (ball bullet or ball bearing), your handling of air rifles could vary. Air […]

  • The Basics Of Air Rifle Maintenance

    From the earliest firearms like the harquebus to modern day guns like the M-4 Carbine, firearms were projectile weapons and the best ones were those that could accomplish their destructive, deadly objective with one press of the trigger. However, there are variations of firearms that are not totally intended to […]

  • Pros & Cons of a High Caliber Air Rifle

    Today’s high caliber air rifles are more powerful and accurate than ever before. In fact, some air guns are powerful enough to take hunt larger animals. While these rifles do have their advantages, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider too. Before we discuss the pros and cons, […]

  • 5 Reasons Why I Prefer a .22 Caliber Over .177 Caliber

    One of biggest hurdles new hunters face is whether or not to use a .177 or a .22 caliber. The answer for most people will always be the .22 caliber. The .22 caliber is among the most popular in the world for a reason – it’s superior. The following are […]

  • Common Terminology Used In Air Rifle Talk

    When you’re reading about air rifles, sometimes you’ll be asking yourself “what the heck are they saying?” The jargon and terminology you come across will probably be new to you, so it’s important to understand some common terms, such as: FPS: This is the feet per second that the pellet […]

  • Different Types of Air Rifles Explained

    If you’re thinking of buying an air rifle, you may not know which type to buy. The type you choose will affect how easy the rifle is to shoot and maintain. There are four main types of air files, and three use some form of a compressed air tank. Let’s […]

  • Does A Faster Air Rifle Mean It’s Better?

    So, is faster better? The simple answer is no. But, it truly depends on the caliber you’re shooting. In terms of speed, we’re talking about “feet per second,” or FPS for short. You’ll find most rifles boast about their FPS, but what does this actually mean? Defining FPS When a […]

  • What Can I Shoot With An Air Rifle?

    What can you shoot with an air rifle? This is one of the first questions people ask when they consider buying an air gun. Air guns don’t pack as much power as a fire-powered rifle, but they’re still powerful enough to hunt pests and small game humanely. They’re ideal for […]