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Diana RWS 54 Air King Air Rifle - high accuracy

RWS Diana 54 Air King Air Rifle (click to enlarge)

The Diana RWS 54 Air King is a very accurate air rifle and first choice of many serious and precise air rifle enthusiasts. Some say it’s the most accurate spring piston air rifle they have ever shot.

German made by Rheinish-Westfalische Sprengstoff (RWS), the Diana RWS 54 Air King is a great addition to your collection or the best air rifle to get started on your shooting hobby. It’s not cheap, but you will definitely get bang for every buck you pay for it. Read on to know more about this air rifle.

Click here to find the price of the RWS Diana 54 Air King .22 Caliber Air Rifle. The .177 Caliber version can be found here.


The RWS Diana 54 Air King is available in .177 and .22 calibers using pellets with a maximum velocity of 1100 fps. It has a fixed 17-inch barrel with a blade and ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.

It also features a two-stage adjustable T06 trigger, a rubber butt plate, and a 11mm dovetail scopeable. It highlights a right-handed Monte Carlo beech stock with machine-cut checkering on the fore-end and pistol grip.

The sidelever is a bit different from the others you may have seen and used so cocking it may take a bit of getting used to. You may also have to exert a bit more effort in cocking it as well. Safety is automatically activated when cocked which must be undone for each shot.

It is rated at 3-medium for loudness (check out these very quiet air rifles), weighs 9.9 lbs, and has an overall length of 43.75 inches.

Diana RWS 54 Air King Air Rifle - SpecificationsFeatures

Again, the most noteworthy feature of the Diana RWS 54 is its pinpoint accuracy which makes this quality air rifle ideal for small game hunting, spinners and plinking. Targets at 10 meters offhand are nothing for this air rifle. It can even hit at 70 meters with enough power to go through a tin can!

With enough practice using the RWS Diana 54 Air King, you may just see an improvement in your shooting accuracy and end up looking like a pro!

The sights that come with the rifle are made from metal and reasonably sturdy. To get the best shooting experience, you can customize with a UTG scope and a UTG mount, then adjust the height with rings. That said, you may want to get a reliable air rifle scope on this one once you get trigger happy shooting right on target (almost) every time.

The trigger is adjustable so you may want to tweak it to suit your hand. If you have never used a sidelever before, cocking may take some time to learn. Unfortunately, the manual has poor instructions on how to operate the rifle. What you do is pull it back way (about 150 degrees) and everything locks up. You will also need to learn how to hang on to the sidelever while loading.

Also note that cocking will activate the gun’s safety catch automatically so you will have to disengage that before firing. Meanwhile, you can release the anti-beartrap mechanism on the left of the loading port.

One other thing that makes this air rifle a bit different is the recoilless system. The action is floated on rails to reduce the recoil. It must then be reset after each shot and the easiest way to do that is to point the muzzle down to the ground and let gravity do its magic. Gravity will allow the action to slip forward and into locked position, ready for your next shot. But if you are shooting from the bench or in a different position, a light push to the action will do the trick.

The RWS Diana 54 Air King has a good Monte Carlo beech stock that features machine-cut checkering on the fore-end as well as in the pistol grip. Although it’s a righthand stocked, lefties say they are quite comfortable to shoot with it.

Since the Diana RWS 54 is a bit on the heavy side, it can’t easily be used free handed. You may even need a sling to carry it. It’s definitely not for the faint-bodied. Other users have even suggested you need to do some push-ups especially if you plan to go game hunting.

The weight is perhaps the most common complaint from reviewers, but other than that, it’s one of the best air rifles available in the market today.

RWS Diana 54 Air King Air Rifle

Final Verdict

Click here to find the price of the RWS Diana 54 Air King .22 Caliber Air Rifle. The .177 Caliber version can be found here.

Invest in a high quality, high accuracy air gun like the Diana RWS 54 Air King and level up your shooting experience and targeting skills. It comes with a hefty price tag but the craftmanship, accuracy and overall feel are just really impressive.

It takes a lot experience in owning and shooting firearms to know the value of air guns – and the RWS Diana 54 Air King is not going to be just another rifle on the wall, it’s going to be your best buddy.