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Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Blow Back Air Pistol

Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Air Gun (click to enlarge)

The Crosman P15B is a semi-automatic repeater air pistol with accurate blowback slide action. It provides quick access to the CO2 cartridge, which is located beneath its grip plus it also includes a vented, sleek style and a 20-round magazine. Want to know more about this model? Read on and find out whether the Crosman P15B is made for you.

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  • Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Blow Back Air Gun - Specifications0.177 inch caliber
  • 475 FPS at maximum velocity
  • Medium to high loudness level
  • 8.75 inch overall length
  • 1.625 lbs overall weight
  • 20-shot capacity
  • Semiautomatic action
  • CO2 powerplant
  • Repeater function
  • Blowback feature


There is no question that CO2 airguns are one of the hottest things on the market right now. It has a number of benefits, which makes them better than several other airgun types available today.

The CO2-powered air gun is a constant favorite among enthusiasts who use it for target shooting practices. Because it does not always have recoil and bolt action, it makes the type well-liked by greenhorns in the scene and younger enthusiasts.

Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Blow Back Air Pistol with holsterThey are comparatively affordable, enjoyable to use and there are multi-shot models that are readily accessible. They are easy to use and handle as well and the majority of the models being designed and manufactured are lightweight. The Crosman P15B air gun also requires minimal maintenance, is durable and made well.

However, CO2 airguns have their disadvantages too; some models only provide average accuracy and they can be costly to operate. There are online sellers who provide high discounts on carbon dioxide canisters but the shipping may not be accessible in some locations. In addition, the pellets and BBs might have different price rates due to material and quality.

The Crosman P15B is one of those CO2 models that we have tested and we tried it in a 10-ft. range with approximately a 3-inch difference; in terms of accuracy, the model did (as expected) decently. As for its magazine, the Crosman company promises that it can last 20 rounds but if you want to steer clear of pellet jams, you have to do with 19 maximum rounds.

Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Blow Back Air Pistol - Made Built in AmericaWhen it comes to CO2 usage, it averaged 12 grams for 57 rounds (3 mags) under indoor settings at a temperature of 72 F. There was some slight recoil and it did not perturb me but according to some users who have tried the model, they claimed that they indeed felt it.

The Crosman P15B is not a toy and it is not for children to play with. Because of its lighter feel, this is not something that shooters should practice on since the weight cannot compare to that of an authentic firearm with a full load. This is ideal for a day of plinking or target shooting soda cans.


  • Decent power for an air pistol
  • Features great design and style
  • Majority of the gun is composed of metal parts
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • Has recoil
  • Not enough weight which reduces its realistic feel

Final Verdict

Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Blow Back Air Gun

Click here to buy now or to see the price of the Crosman P15B CO2 Semi-Auto Air Pistol.

The Crosman P15B is something that you have to consider if you are on the hunt for an air pistol that has enough pep and power. But if total accuracy is a factor that is high on your list, you might have to look for another model, otherwise, this one might disappoint you. It has recoil, might be a tad loud for the neighbors and only makes use of BBs not pellets.

The low price for this model is also a factor that can win the hearts of enthusiasts. The power it produces is quite good for a model with such price levels. In addition, like any carbon dioxide-powered model, it does not need plenty of maintenance and it looks durable too with its sturdy metal composition.

This is a fun model that is made to make your plinking and casual target shooting activities more enjoyable and a snap to do. Although the Crosman P15B was found lacking in some aspects, it is still a great air gun to use, especially if you are a beginner in the hobby and you need something to practice on before going for those heavyweight BB models. Don’t forget to read the owner’s manual before starting to use it!