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Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle (click to enlarge)

Air Arms has produced some of most beautiful-looking air rifles in the current market. One probable reason for this is the brand’s preference for traditional wood stocks in their models. This trend continues with the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP air rifle.

However, this model not only has the physical charm, but it also has an impressive performance to back it all up. From hunting small critters to recreational plinking, this gun has the accuracy and range you will need. To get a better insight as to what this product can offer, refer to all information below.

Click here to find the price of the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP .22 Caliber Air Rifle. The .177 Caliber version can be found here and the .25 Caliber version here.


Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle - power adjustment knob

The Air Arms S510 Xtra is available in three caliber sizes, yet their specification generally remains similar, except for the max velocity achievable. For physical dimensions, the rifle’s Lothar Walther barrel has a length of 19.45 in., but the entire rifle is around 43.75 in. long. As for the weight, the unit has a total heft of 7.65 lbs.

Shot capacity sums up to 10 per clip. It has a fill pressure ceiling of 200 bar, and comes with a 231cc air tank. There is only a manual safety, while the action is performed via a sidelever, which is suitable for a repeater. Aside from the two-stage adjustable trigger, this air rifle also comes with an adjustable power setting.


Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle - great gun for advanced shootersThe Air Arms S510 Xtra has some great features and that’s part of the reason this air rifle is in our best quality air rifles list, next to the fact that this is a very quiet rifle (as you can find out in our best quiet air rifles comparison).

But before I proceed, I would just like to be clear on what the FAC means on the product’s model name. FAC means “Firearms Certificate”, which implies that the holder is responsible enough to use an air-powered firearm capable of shooting above a certain muzzle energy level, usually past 12 ft.-lbs.

As you may or may not know, Air Arms is a UK-based air gun manufacturer, and the FAC requirement is unique to this country. Although this specific Air Arms model also caters to consumers in the U.S., wherein gun laws are a bit more lenient, particularly to PCPs, the FAC tag is kept universal in order to establish the level of skill needed to handle the rifle.

With that fact out of the way, let us proceed to the more relevant content, which is the product’s features.

Like mentioned above, Air Arms is known for releasing models with wooden stocks. Compared to other modern air-powered rifles that sport a more synthetic and mechanical-like build, the traditional-inspired look on the S510 Xtra FAC PCP model gives it an elegant character.

Plus, its notable stock finish results in a luxurious feel. You can also choose between beech and walnut stock quality.

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle - .22 caliberApart from its striking presence, the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP rifle also promotes a comfortable handling. Equipped with a ventilated rubber butt pad, you will barely feel any recoil when you fire. Moreover, the pad will allow you to position the rifle and stabilize your aim as long as you want, without risk of tiring too easily.

When it comes to the barrel, this firearm uses a high-quality Lothar Walther, resulting in consistent and clean shots. The barrel is also shrouded, which contributes to a very discreet shooting.

Moving on. Do not mistake the device’s stylish appearance for just an average performance. In fact, the S510 Xtra is far from being decent, and it packs quite the punch. With that said, let us go over just how strong this shooter can get.

As previously indicated, the Air Arms S510 model is available in three different calibers. There is the .177 model, then .22, and lastly the .25 caliber. Depending on the cal. diameter you choose, the maximum firing power of the gun will also vary.

If you go with the .177 caliber, the highest max velocity it can attain is around 1050 fps. As for the .22, the peak is 920 fps. The .25 caliber on the other hand, can only reach up to 780 fps.

However, bear in mind that the given numbers were computed using Air Arm’s very own field pellets. Therefore, using other ammos with different grains will likely yield different results. Regardless, this air rifle is powerful enough to take out a small game as humanely as possible.

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle - .177 caliberTo actually do the shooting, Air Arms provides you with a two-stage adjustable trigger on this specific rifle. This type of trigger mechanism actually complements the intended operation of the product, since rifles are meant to be fired with accuracy and not speed. A one-stage trigger would be too risky for a firearm as precise as this one.

If you are a beginner, the default trigger setting of the module is balanced and safe enough to start with. I do not recommended fiddling with two-stage triggers without any experience, since one wrong move can cause the trigger or safety mechanism to malfunction, which is not covered by the warranty. With regards to the warranty, make sure you understand the basics of air rifle maintenance.

You best consult an expert in this regard. Preferably, learning how to personally optimize such triggers will benefit you in the long run. Nonetheless, just make sure you study with proper supervision, or at least use a reliable reference, such as the instructions given in the user manual.

In terms of the safety button, you can find one in the trigger blade. Push it in to set the gun in safety mode. Always check the safety before you fire, even if you are confident with your current trigger setup, and also because the safety button can only be manipulated manually.

Out of all the incredible features of Air Arm’s S510 Xtra air rifle, the power adjuster is perhaps its biggest appeal. Using it will let you adjust firing power, and you can also modify it in between shots.

Speaking of shots, the standard clip provided for this model can accommodate up to 10 pellets. Furthermore, a full air cylinder with a pressure of 200 bar can supply up to 30-35 optimal shots. Subsequent rounds beyond such range will be progressively weaker, until the canister completely empties.

Final Verdict

Click here to find the price of the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP .22 Caliber Air Rifle. The .177 Caliber version can be found here and the .25 Caliber version here.

Admittedly, the Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP air rifle does not come cheap. However, getting a sophisticatedly designed air rifle with state-of-the-art mechanical performance in exchange for such cost is an investment worth making. It looks so good you can practically consider it a family heirloom.

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle - user shooting kit

Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC PCP Air Rifle – user’s shooting kit