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If you are a newbie in the world of air pistols, choosing your first piece can be a bit of a challenge. There are factors that you have to take into account and questions to raise. That is why we made this guide for you to make your life easier and help you score one that hopefully, make air pistols a lifelong passion.

Air Pistol Factors to Consider

Air pistols are also known in the market/lifestyle as air guns, BB guns, and pellet guns. Majority of pieces available in the market today makes use of propellant charge but with air guns, the firearm operates by means of compressed air or gas. All of the different types of air pistol guns will be discussed further in this article.

  • Hunting squirrel with air pistol gunsIntended use of the gun

The air gun can be used in a variety of methods. You can use it to hunt down small game, in fact, the firearm is popular for those who are into game hunting. The firearm can also be used for plinking and pest control. If you want to shoot larger preys, you probably should buy an air rifle instead of an air pistol.

An increasing amount of people get an air pistol to shoot in clubs. This is a growing sport for gun enthusiasts.

  • Wildlife Committee of Washington air pistol shooting club Favored shooting range

There are plenty of air guns that are specifically designed for hunting so you should get one that complies with your favored shooting range. If for example, you want to shoot at something that’s inside 15 yards of distance, you might need a variable pump piece. For 20-yard distances, CO2 models are far more favorable while break barrel guns can go for up to 35 yards.

For ranges longer than those mentioned above, you can make do with PCP gun models because they can accommodate as far as 60 yards.

This particular gun is designed in a variety of prices and the responsiveness of the trigger will differ too, depending on the price level and its planned use.

Majority of air gun triggers are set up at approximately 3 pounds of pull and can be typically fine-tuned around 1 to 1.5 pounds of pull. But in case you need one with a lighter pull, you should check out match pieces with match triggers which are built to set up simple ounces of pull.

The features that a certain model contains is important to every shooter since it can narrow down your options. Air gun features differ for every type out there. PCP models usually provide loads of features as compared with other types; features being adjustable power, higher levels of power and a variety of stock options. All the same, each and every gun available present feature options that are made available for enthusiasts.

Several models of spring rifles are on hand in all calibers while a number of pieces offer just a single caliber or two. Spring and gas ram guns present calibers that span .25-.177, which usually depends on the specific piece. There are models which are termed as break barrel models while some come as under-lever kinds, several pieces are heavier in terms of weight and vice versa.

If you are into spring guns, keep in mind to get a piece that employs the proper power level for its planned use. Do not get one that features a higher level of power than what is required in order to take on the job; power levels influence the price of scopes needed for the model, higher power means cocking harder and louder degrees of shooting noise. So be mindful when it comes to power level selections.

  • Fit/finish

Even though the aesthetics/overall appearance of a piece will not directly influence the effectivity and efficiency of the method in which a gun fires away, these factors will still somehow have an effect on an individual’s buying decision. The attributes that make up this factor include the stock’s form, bluing value and more.

Types of Air Pistols

There are several types of air pistols, and it’s a good idea to know about them so you can make a better buying decision.

  • Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air PistolSpring-powered

The spring-powered type gets its power from a sizable coil spring. In order to make use of this piece, one has to first squeeze on the spring by raising the handle or breaking the barrel. Once the shooter pulls the trigger, this spring is discharged and it squeezes the piston. The air that is squeezed by the piston is employed to force the pellet down the length of the barrel.

Pros: it is typically self-sufficient and a single-shot model and is more reasonably-priced than a PCP gun.

Cons: Spring-loaded models can be quite hefty, recoils once it shoots and can be challenging to manage for smaller folks. This is ideal for those who have the skills needed to shoot accurately.

CO2 guns operate by way of carbon dioxide gas. The CO2 gas needed for this kind usually comes from throwaway capsules or by bulk means through sizable bottles. Several CO2 models are multi-shot pieces and make use of a rotary magazine thus quick shooting is achievable.

Pros: Shooters can make employ one-use CO2 bulbs for the gun. The piece can be a multi-shot firearm as well, which is ideal for plinking use.

Cons: The bulbs needed by the firearm can be pricey, especially if you plan on using the gun regularly. Furthermore, the temperature can significantly influence carbon dioxide pressure so the gun is useless during cold/snowy weather conditions.

  • Crosman P1322 American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic .22-Caliber Pellet Air PistolSingle-stroke/Multi-stroke pneumatic

This kind of air pistol operates by way of an internally-compressed air pump. In order to make use of it, users have to first squeeze the air by means of the pump, which is achieved by employing the pump handle and breaking the barrel. Once shooters pull the trigger, the air is discharged and this air is then employed to push the pellet through the barrel.

Pros: It is a self-reliant model and is more affordable than a PCP. It does not recoil and its precision can be on the same level as a PCP.

Cons: Smaller folks might find it difficult to deal with the gun’s pump mechanism. This type does not offer multi-shot versions while the cocking attempt that the piece makes might interrupt a shooter’s stance.

  • Pre-charged pneumatic

Pre-charged pneumatic pistols or PCP as they are popularly called operate by means of intense high-pressure compressed air. They are capable of operating at roughly 2320-2900 PSI and the air that the gun relies on is stored inside a cylinder that is located underneath the gun’s barrel. The cylinder hoards a sufficient amount of air for 30-170 shots and usually depends on the gun’s design.

Once the shooter pulls the trigger, a tiny hammer gets into contact with an air release valve and pushes some air out of the chief cylinder. The action then pushes the pellet throughout the barrel.

Pros: Does not recoil. Shooters will be able to hard-rest the gun without getting in the way of precision. It is also lighter than spring-loaded models and can use magazines.

Cons: The most expensive among the bunch, even the starter ones. Needs extra gear for high-pressure air charging. The air-charging gear may be a specific high-pressure air stirrup pump that’s designed for recharging air rifles or a 232-300 Bar SCUBA cylinder.

Air Pistol Budget Considerations

Although spring-loaded guns are cost-effective, they might prove to be challenging for beginners. But there are reasonably-priced models out there that are just as good. For CO2 models, you can try out the Air Arms S200, Crosman P15B, or check out the Smith & Wesson 586 CO2 model, which provides even firearm action with exceptional precision for a price that you can afford.

For spring-powered models, you can check out the 55 and 60 models from Edgar Bros — they are cost-effective rifles which are formidable enough for hunting use. For mid-range models, you can go for the Weihrauch HW95, which features an excellent design, moderately light in weight and includes a superior silencer. It is a great hunting rifle too.

Other budget buys are Daisy’s Avanti 747, which is a bit on the chunky side but provides top gunplay and also the Beeman P3.

For PCP models, you can get the Air Arms, which is light, will readily accommodate shooters of all sizes, precise and affordable. It is a single-shot model but it can also be adapted for multi-shot options. For a mid-range model, you cannot go wrong with Weihrauch’s Hw100 which features a reliable magazine system and a secure, snug stock.

Other Items of Importance

There is other stuff you should also consider when out in the market for air pistols. Check out these items below:

  • Scopes

UTG 3-12x44 30MM Air Rifle ScopeThe subject of air gun scopes might sound a bit intimidating and confusing to a newbie but scopes are a crucial part of a firearm thus you have to familiarize yourself with its workings.

In this case we are going to use a commonly-used scope as an example, the 4 x 32, to discuss how scopes work out. The 4 in the equation is associated to the number of times the target becomes closer once seen by way of the scope. The 32 on it is associated with the size in millimeters of the objective lens, which is also called the front lens.

It is said that the larger the objective lens, the brighter the image will turn out to be once it is seen throughout the scope. To see that you will get a scope that works, you have to consider its quality too.

Telescopic sights feature adjusters that are attached to them to facilitate the scope to be put together so the pellet will zoom down on the object at the similar instance where the crosshair will surface. The adjusters are called turrets and it has two parts; the top and side turret.

The top turret fine-tunes the cross hair to go up or down and this depends on which direction the turret is aimed. The side turret meanwhile fine-tunes the cross hair to the left or right, then again this depends on which direction the turret is pointed at. If you’re shooting with an air pistol in a club, you need to check whether air gun scopes are allowed.

  • Mounts

The mounts are capable of facilitating the air pistol and telescopic sight to function together. They are usually available in various sizes and if the scope has a bigger objective lens, it will require a higher mount/a mount that is on an equal level.

Good mounts are attached together with Allen bolts, and those that work perfectly are made by excellent gun companies.

  • Umarex RWS Superpoint Extra 2317384 Field Line Air Gun PelletsPellets

Great-quality pellets will make your performance better so choose a supply that comes from quality brands. You can try out different brands then stick to the pellets that work well with you.

Flathead pellets are good for paper target shooting since they are capable of zooming in on the target efficiently and it makes the whole process of working on your scores a breeze.

Hollow-point pellets are typically employed for close range/medium range hunting since they pass on tons of force and power upon impact.

Pointed pellet types are employed to provide penetration upon impact, however, they are not efficient when it comes to surface-to-air factors.

  • Plano Molding 10-10137 Air Pistol CaseGun bags and cases

Gun bags are needed by shooters so they can tote along their pistols or rifles with them in public places. These bags will also provide protection for these bad boys against the elements. A gun bag with thick lining provides even more protection than your gear needs.

If in case you fasten a silencer on your pistol regularly, you should get a bag that has a length which accommodates the firearm so you won’t have to unfasten the silencer from it throughout the day. You must also consider the number of accessories you often carry along with your piece so if you require carrying of certain items, you need a bigger gun bag.

If you are carrying a rifle, choose a gun bag with internal straps on it so the rifle will be more secure. As an alternative for gun bags, you can also check out hard-wearing cases but these items are a pain to store in your vehicle trunk thus consider all related factors first before a purchase.

Lastly, you should never store an air pistol in a gun bag because the risk of it getting corroded is high. Gun bags are only good for carrying your piece occasionally during hunting or practice trips, not long-time containers for your firearms.