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Beeman HW97K air rifle - pest killer

Beeman HW97K air rifle (click to enlarge)

There are a lot of air rifles available in the market and among the high-quality models is the Beeman HW97K air rifle. In fact, this rifle is actually related to the first and finest field target air rifles in history. It does not only look great you’d be amazed by the level of accuracy you can get as soon as you use it.

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Beeman HW97K air rifle - medium loudness pellet rifleThe Beeman HW97K air rifle is a .20 caliber rifle. It has a maximum shooting velocity of up to 820 fps which is decent enough compared to similar rifles made by other gun manufacturers. It has a 3-medium loudness rating.

The barrel is 11.81 inches long with a cocking effort of 35 lbs. It is a single shot rifle and it doesn’t have a front nor a back sight. However, you can mount an air rifle scope on the 11mm dovetail.

Because it’s an underlever field rifle, it is highly recommended for small game hunting or target practice. It has an automatic safety mechanism and a spring-piston powerplant. The rifle is about 9.2 pounds, which is definitely lighter than most rifles of its kind.


Beeman HW97K air rifle - right sideThe Beeman HW97K pellet rifle has a lot of features that make it suitable for small game hunting and target practice. First of which, is its size and weight. Although it has the standard size and length of the barrel, this rifle is actually quite lighter than most rifles available on the market today. This means that it is easier to carry and can prevent shoulder muscle strains as a result of carrying a heavy rifle.

The design of the rifle is very ergonomic. Not only is it made to be lighter, it is also designed from the handle to the barrel in such a way that the user will find it easy to hold and keep it steady. This means that shooting or firing accurately will be much easier.

It has a gold Rekord trigger, which does not only look nice but also helps give you a different experience in using rifles. It is actually designed for hot rodders, which means that you will be able to control the gun well in firing.

This Beeman rifle has been calibrated so you will be able to achieve maximum accuracy in shooting targets. This becomes an advantage especially if you are on a hunting trip. The rifle will be able to keep up with your performance even if you have already used it for quite some time. This is probably due to its ergonomic and lightweight design.

Beeman HW97K Air RifleAnother good thing about the Beeman HW97K air rifle is that it is really quite quiet. This is perfect for hunting small game as it will not produce much noise that could distract or ward the game off. It only produces a light sound instead of a loud noise that some airguns have.

It also has a fully open breech. This allows for easier and more efficient reloading of pellets. It is also designed so that it can be used regardless of whether you are a right-handed shooter or a left-handed one.

When it comes to aesthetics, this pellet rifle is a thing of beauty. It has a classic design that will definitely appeal to all sorts of taste. It’s not that flashy but you’d have to take a second look whenever you see one. The color and the design blends and flows smoothly. You will want to put it up on your wall so you and everyone else can admire it.

Final Verdict

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Beeman HW97K air pellet rifleWhat it lacks in power and other shooting requirements is surely irrelevant with all the good features that it has. If you would like to try and get a good start in target shooting with a rifle, this is definitely a must try. You will surely be able to get your game on and get a clean shot with the Beeman HW97K air rifle.