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Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor Review

Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor – Click to enlarge

The Stoeger Arms X20S is all black in color and surely is a mean looking air rifle that packs a punch. Coming in both a .177 and .22 caliber, there are slight differences seen between both versions, but don’t worry, I will be discussing them both.

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Quiet and Precise

Featuring AFC technology, the X20S has a dual-stage system to reduce noise. Designed by Humbert CTTs, the silencer brings the noise production down to just 94.2 decibels, allowing for a near silent shot.

Light in weight, this rifle weighs 7 pounds without the scope and 8.5 pounds with the scope.

A 4×32 red/green, 11m scope is included. Powerful and precise, this is a decent built-on scope that can be swapped out if you want to go with a different model. When shooting, the scope performed well in low to medium light, but the red and green feature is difficult to see in high light conditions.

There are no open sights, so keep that in mind.

Taking a shot, the gun’s noise is about ½ of what you would hear out of other air rifles and the Monte Carlo style stock is ambidextrous, so you’ll find it easy to shoot with either hand.


The single shot, break barrel design is impressive. A textured grip and forearm allows for great handling when shooting. The 2-stage trigger is adjustable and a little different than other triggers I’ve used in the past.

After 100 shots, the trigger started to loosen up a bit. You’ll want to adjust it at this point. I screwed it in ½ to ¾ of the way, which provided for a crisp and clean pull. Loosen and adjust the trigger until it matches your shooting style.

The major difference between the .22 and .177 will be the max velocity. I only tested the .22, but there are specs for both. The .22 can fire alloy pellets at 1000 fps and lead at 800 fps. The .177 has a max velocity of 1200 fps with alloy pellets and 1000 fps with lead. Obviously, the .22 has more power than its counterpart.

Well-balanced, the recoil isn’t bad, and you can load up and fire again quickly.

Accuracy once the scope is zeroed is great at 30 and 40 yards with .5” to 1” grouping on test shots.

What I Liked

With every rifle, there are some things I like and some things that are less than impressive. The accuracy and look of the X20S is spot on. Built with quality, it’s a great fun for all levels of shooters, but advanced shooters will probably want to swap out the trigger and scope.

Minor Faults

I grew to like the trigger, and after a few adjustments it worked fine, but the one issue I did experience was with the scope screws. The screws kept coming loose after shooting. Even after tightening, they seemed to come loose eventually.

I recommend using Loctite on the screws to keep them in place.

The Stoeger Arms X20S provided me with hours of fun during my review. It’s the perfect choice for new shooters or intermediate shooters due to the low entry cost. You can pick up either caliber for a great price, and the precision and accuracy of the shot plus the noise reduction makes shooting even more enjoyable.

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