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Remington 89260 Remington 1911 RAC CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol

Remington 1911 RAC CO2 Air Pistol (Click to enlarge)

Remington has a number of 1911 models in their lineup thus they are familiar with the needs of air pistol enthusiasts in this timeless design. The 1911 RAC is something that you might want to check out; many have said that the Remington 89260 model is a fun way to practice your shots and it’s also good for plinking.

In this review, we are going to tackle what makes this particular model great plus discuss its shortcomings as well.

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  • 0.177-inch caliber
  • 320 FPS at maximum velocity
  • medium to high loudness level
  • 18-shot capacity
  • Smoothbore barrel
  • Blade front sight
  • Fixed rear sight
  • Semiautomatic action
  • Manual safety
  • CO2 powerplant
  • Repeater function
  • Single action
  • Blowback
  • Fixed power
  • 2.0-lbs. overall weight
Remington 89260 Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Pistol Air Gun Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol Air Gun Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Air Pistol


Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol - packagingThe air pistol market is now rife with CO2-driven models and the sheer number of models available will let you know that the type works great and has an excellent number of fans. Those who love replica air pistols will enjoy the Remington 1911 RAC’s looks; the company made sure that it looks like the famous U.S. military-issued firearm from decades back.

It features a built made from a durable metal material with plenty of exceptional finish; the finish is matte black altogether while the grips, which are fully molded makes for a great contrast against all that black metal. It is heavier than most air pistol models at 2 pounds so users will feel like they are holding the real thing in their hands.

Prior to using the firearm though, one has to do some meticulous prep work. The full explanation is in the manual. The magazine assembly requires removal from the action then the safety should be applied next. Following this, the magazine release stud must be pushed down in order for the magazine to be pulled completely from the action’s base.

Users will now have to unscrew the big hex bolt found in the magazine’s base and press on an unused CO2 capsule into its location. The last step will be to slightly constrict the bolt while guaranteeing that the capsule lies halfway to the valve. At this point, users will get to hear the faint sizzle of the released CO2 as soon as the capsule is penetrated, prepped for the action and held in its position.

Remington 89260 Remington 1911RAC CO2 BB Pistol - parts explainedTo fill the magazine with the steel shot, users have to pull down the spring-loaded slide with a fingernail, then drop and press separate BBs into the tiny hole at the mag’s top one at a time until the channel is filled up. Restraining the spring-loaded clip proved to be a bit tricky at first but it eventually stayed steady.

To get the BB pellets into the chamber, one has to push a pellet into the opening while clacking the earlier BB downward so it will drop into its position into the tube. Once the mag is prepped completely, it is now ready for action.

One of the good things about the Remington 1911 RAC is its blowback feature. As soon as the air gun fires, the topmost part of the chassis slips towards the rear and this makes the whole performance seem like a real live shooting. Its grip has a safety-pressure level panel too so the gun efficiently fires away only if the hand is gripped in full.

Blowback induces the gun to flick upward upon shooting as well so the genuine feel is there, which makes it interesting and alluring to gun enthusiasts. The Remington 1911 RAC BB pistol is also capable of finishing up the mag quickly, which proves that it acts fast and provides smooth operations.

Maintenance is a breeze when it comes to the 1911 RAC; its barrel can be accessed easily thus users can rod or clean it when required.


  • Has the built, weight and appearance of an authentic gun
  • Includes the blowback feature
  • Easy maintenance
  • Well-made, sturdy and durable


  • The magazine takes some prep work before you can use it
  • Holding the spring-loaded clip back can be a challenge at first

Final Verdict

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Looks-wise, the 1911 RAC is something; its heft, all-metal built and matte black finish will indeed charm air gun enthusiasts. It is a quality model with genuine functionality and is worth a place in any air gun enthusiast’s collection.