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Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Review

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro – Click to enlarge

I first saw the Titan GP Nitro on a camping trip with one of my buddies. A badass looking air rifle that has a very unique stock, I gave it a few shots and was really impressed. Since then, I have had the chance to thoroughly test out the .22 caliber model and found that the Titan has a lot to offer for a low to medium priced rifle.

It should be noted that there is a .177 caliber option, and the main difference between the two is FPS. The .22 gets about 950 FPS, while the .177 gets 1,200 FPS. Both tests were conducted using alloy bullets.

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Powerful, Fast Shot

Shooting at 950 FPS velocity, the muzzle energy on the .22 is 21/ft lbs; the .177 has a muzzle energy of 18 ft/lbs. Loading up with lead pellets, I lost 150 fps, but I was truly impressed by the power of this single-shot rifle

A break barrel action and gas-piston powerplant allow for quick shots. The rifle features a 2-stage adjustable trigger and a trigger pull of 4.5 lbs. The cocking effort is 31 pounds, which makes this the ideal rifle for teens and adults, but not the best choice for younger shooters. At a length of 43.5”, it would be difficult for anyone under 14 to shoot this rifle with ease.

Target shooting first, I was able to shoot halfway into ¾” targets with ease. The pellet almost came out the back on a few occasions. If you’ve never shot before, this is enough power to take down small game with ease.

Accurate Scope

I’m not going to lie and say that this scope is as good as a high-end scope, such as the Nikon P-223, but it is insanely accurate for an included scope. In fact, it may be one of the best scopes that I’ve tested at this price level.

Featuring a 4×32 CenterPoint Scope, your rifle will hold zero without an issue.

The only issue is that for the first few hundred rounds, your shots will be sporadic at times. This occurs with all air rifles, so go ahead and enjoy a few hundred rounds of target practice before really trying to judge this scope.

After I broke this rifle in, I was getting ¾” group shots at 30 yards.

Is this a high-end scope? No. There are plenty of aftermarket options that are better, but it’s a decent scope, especially for beginner and intermediate-level shooters.

Everything else was great. The thumbhole stock is great for proper grip, the rifle comes with a year warranty, and the trigger is easy to pull.

Cocking is Difficult

My only issue is that it takes a lot of cocking effort to cock this rifle. You’ll need adult strength to cock this rifle, and honestly, it seems as if the 31 pound cocking effort is a little bit off. It was hard to cock considering the rifle weighs just 6.75 pounds without the scope attached.

Low recoil and noise production are the icing on the cake with the Titan GP Nitro. The perfect air rifle for beginners and advanced shooters alike, if you’re in the market for an air rifle with a decent scope at under $200, this is definitely a strong option.

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