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Benjamin Trail NP XL Review

Benjamin Trail NP XL – Click to enlarge

A .22 that’s able to achieve a velocity of 1100 fps is something every avid rifle owner must try. The Benjamin Trail NP XL is powerful, surprisingly affordable and even comes with a beautiful 3-9×40 AO optic scope. Pest control and varmint beware – this air rifle is powerful.

Even with lead bullets, you’ll achieve a 950 fps velocity with 28.6 FPE.

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Finally, a Decent Stock Scope

Decent stock air rifle scopes are hard to find on air rifles. Even with high-end models, the scopes simply lack the precision that aftermarket scopes provide. When they do work well, they don’t hold zero after 10 shots, and you’re off to adjusting the scope again.

The 3-9×40 scope from CenterPoint is one of the best stock scopes on the market. It can’t compete with high-end scopes, but for one that’s included, it’s great.

Adjust the windage and elevation, and you’re ready to shoot.

Muzzle energy of 28 ft. –lbs. will provide a decent recoil, which is absorbed into the padded buttstock. Featuring a break-barrel style, you’ll be able to shoot quickly and won’t have to worry about losing zero in the process.

Even at 50 yards, you’ll be within a 1” accuracy. Initially, the accuracy is off, and you will need to shoot the rifle a lot before breaking it in. After the first day of shooting, I was able to achieve 2” or less groups at 50 yards. The pellets will also go through a ½” piece of plywood at this distance. You must check out how accurate this air rifle is in the video below! It’ll blow your mind…

Great for Small Game

Any .22 is great for small game as long as it has enough muzzle energy and is fairly accurate. With the Trail NP XL, you’re shooting an 8.5 pound rifle that will obliterate a target at 950 fps with lead.

The stock is hardwood and even has sling mounts if you’re out for a day of hunting. You’ll need to supply your own sling. An overall length of 49” makes this rifle too long for younger shooters, but perfect for adults.

A break-barrel style, this rifle features a nitrogen gas piston for fast, powerful shots. The stock also is in the thumbhole style, which for me, provides a great overall look.

A Lot to Like

There’s a lot to like with this Benjamin air rifle from the scope to the nitro piston powerplant and the super 1100 fps velocity.  Quieter than most, this is a great mid-range rifle that comes in at under $300.

The Trigger is a Problem

There is a learning curve with the NP XL. One of the issues is that the trigger has a long pull. Even though it’s adjustable, it takes a lot to get accustomed to at first. You can swap out the trigger if needed to allow for a smoother shooting experience, but this is up to you.

Benjamin did a great job with this air rifle, and I was fairly impressed. It’s not as accurate as a high-end model, but it’s powerful and is great for beginners and intermediate level shooters. If you’re buying this rifle, make sure you clean it thoroughly first before taking a shot to lower the break-in period.

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