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Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

unamo Big Cat 1250 – Click to enlarge

The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is an air rifle that people either love or hate. Most love it, and I would say I fall into that category too. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s very powerful and accurate when using the scope. Before I get into the review, let’s cover a few basics.

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.177 Caliber Spring Piston

The Big Cat 1250 is a .177 caliber spring piston break barrel air rifle with a single cocking system. It has a manual safety trigger and a fluted barrel.

The synthetic stock is weatherproof, so you can shoot in the rain or snow. With twin cheek pads, this rifle is comfortable no matter which hand you’re shooting from.

I’m usually not a fan of synthetic stocks, but this one gives the rifle a sharp, all-black look. And I like that I don’t have to worry about the weather when I’m shooting.

This air rifle isn’t as heavy as some of its competitors. At just 6.1 pounds (without the scope), you’ll barely notice you’re carrying it around.

Powerful – But Loud

Sure, this rifle looks great, but how does it shoot?

With PBA Platinum, you’ll get 1250 FPS. But you’ll also break the sound barrier with these pellets. I switched the platinum pellets out for hunter pellets, which dropped the FPS to 1000, but quieted the rifle a bit.

Don’t underestimate the power of this air rifle. You can effectively hunt small game or take out small pests with ease. This rifle may look like a toy, but it sure as heck doesn’t shoot like one. Check out the video below for proof!

Accurate, But Not Without Flaws

The Big Cat 1250 can be highly accurate. Notice the word “can”. This rifle doesn’t come with iron sights, so you’ll be relying on a scope for accuracy. And the scope that comes with this rifle (like so many others) isn’t the best. It’s not the worst, but it could be better. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a better one and mounting it. With the bundled scope, I was still able to sight in after about 10 shots.

Just for reference, the scope that comes with the Big Cat is a 4×32. It includes rings and uses a grooved receiver.

Some people complain about the accuracy of this rifle, but they’re probably shooting it wrong. Remember, this is a springer rifle, so you’ll need to hold it lightly and properly in order to get accurate shots.

The Big Cat has a two stage trigger, which some people complain about. Personally, I had no issues with the trigger. And the pull is just right at 3.74 pounds.


The Big Cat 1250 is powerful and very accurate. It comes with a scope and can shoot at 1250 fps with PBA Platinum pellets. This is a rifle you can use to eliminate pests or hunt small game. You can use it for target shooting too, but I’d recommend you use something other than the PBA Platinum for pellets unless you have deep pockets.


With the PBA Pellets, this rifle is loud. But that’s to be expected with a rifle this powerful. Switching to lead pellets will drop the FPS to 1000 and knock the noise down a little.

The Gamo Big Cat 1250 is a great choice for intermediate to advanced adult shooters. Beginners could use it (it’s simple enough to shoot), but it packs a punch. With a solid build, accurate shots and a price that’s under $150, the Big Cat 1250 is an air rifle I highly recommend.

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