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Gamo Hornet Review

Gamo Hornet – Click to enlarge

Gamo makes some great entry-level air rifles, and the Hornet is no exception. I was happy to finally get my hands on this rifle to review its performance and quality. The Hornet feels great in your hands, and despite its toy-like appearance, is one powerful rifle that’s so much fun to shoot. Let’s take a closer look at the Hornet and how it performs out in the field.

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Gamo Hornet Specifications

The Gamo Hornet is a .177 caliber spring piston break barrel air rifle with a single cocking system. It’s similar to the Big Cat 1250 both in appearance and performance.

Like other Gamo models, the Hornet has a synthetic, all weather stock and a fluted barrel. The barrel is 18” and the entire gun is 43” long. The Hornet is pretty lightweight at 6.1 pounds.

Powerful – Even at Long Range

If you’re looking for power, the Hornet has it. With PBA Raptor bullets, this gun boasts a velocity of 1,200 FPS. With lead pellets, you’ll get 1,000 FPS.

The Hornet is not a child’s gun. You can easily take out a cottontail hare with just a single shot. And it has good range too.

As powerful as this rifle is, I was surprised by how easy it was to cock. Gamo says this rifle requires 30 pounds of cocking effort, but I’m not sure it really took that much.

Accurate, But the Scope Needs to Go

The Hornet has great accuracy, but the 4×32 scope has got to go. The eye relief can be a bit of a pain and the crosshairs jump around every 10 – 15 shots. Most people recommend tossing the scope and replacing it with a better quality one, and I would have to agree. But if you’re just getting started or don’t have the budget for a better scope, this one will suffice. It’s decent, but it’s not the best.

Even with the bundled scope, this rifle is still accurate. At 20 yards, I was getting 1/2” groupings. The Hornet also has a textured grip and forearm, which can further help with accuracy. The ventilated rubber butt plate minimizes recoil, so you’ll have an easier time staying on target.

I had no complaints with the trigger on this rifle. It’s a two stage adjustable with a pull of 3.74 pounds. With such a light pull, it was easy to hit targets.

The Good

The Hornet is very powerful (1200 FPS with PBA Raptor pellets) and accurate. It’s lightweight, easy to cock (30 pounds cocking effort) and easy to shoot.

What Could Have Been Better

Like I said earlier, the scope is not the best. I wasn’t expecting a high-end scope since this is an entry-level air rifle, but it’s worth it to purchase a higher quality one.

For the price (under $120), this is one of the most powerful and accurate air rifles you can buy from Gamo. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, the Hornet is fun and easy to shoot.  

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