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RWS Model 48 Review

RWS Model 48 – Click to enlarge

A classic look with a beech wood stock and a 0.22 caliber, the RWS Model 48 is the ideal choice in hunting and elimination. And it comes with a lifetime warranty. With a velocity of 900 fps, I knew this air rifle was going to be a lot of fun to shoot from the very start.

This rifle is a bit heavy at 8.5 pounds – without a scope – but it’s so precise and powerful that it’s the perfect tradeoff.

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Power Meets Accuracy

Power and accuracy are exactly what you want in a rifle. Oftentimes, power is offset by sporadic shots which aren’t ideal for plinking or hunting. The Model 48 offers both power and accuracy with 900 fps. You’ll want to mount a scope on this air rifle for even more accuracy.

At a distance of 35 yards, 1” groups were a breeze, and the open sights aren’t too bad. With a scope, accuracy and grouping will increase.

The smooth cocking action with a 39 pound cocking effort was a surprise. It’s probably too tough for younger shooters, but smooth enough for an adult. The trigger pull was also exceptional at just 3.3 pounds.

Rear adjustable sights allow for windage and elevation adjustment while the front sights are blade and ramp.

Distance Shooting

Most air rifles will lose their power and precision when shooting at 50 yards. This was not my experience with the 48 at all. You’ll be able to plink or kill small game with ease at this yardage. Any further and you’ll want a powerful scope to ensure accuracy.

My test at 50 yards had groups within the 1.75” and 2” range, if not closer on some tests.

The weight of the rifle is a bit much, and with a scope, it’s nearly 10 pounds. However, you’ll have so much fun shooting this beauty that it will not be a concern for long.

The Man’s Rifle

Powerful, accurate, a TO6 easy to pull trigger and a beautiful beech wood stock makes this the ideal rifle for advanced and intermediate shooters. Precision is also spot on even before doing the initial few hundred test shots to break in the gun.

This rifle does feature a spring-piston design, so you’ll never be stuck pumping your rifle between rounds.

There is also a .177 caliber option available that’s able to reach 1,100 fps.

Cocking is a Little Stiff

It took a lot of thought to find any fault with this rifle; it’s that good. The only minor thing that I would have liked to see improved was the cocking. It’s a little stiff at 39 pounds, but after a few days of plinking, it does loosen up. On the bright side, it’s a side lever, which is always fun to shoot.

The RWS 48 is not the cheapest rifle on the market at under $400, but it’s one of the best shots you’ll ever take. Powerful, fun to shoot and a little weight let you know that you have a quality air rifle in your arsenal just waiting to take out small game or take on a day of plinking.

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