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RWS Model 34 Review

RWS Model 34 – Click to enlarge

Have you ever shot an air rifle that you just couldn’t put down? The RWS Model 34 is one of those rifles. In my opinion, it’s the best-selling model by RWS; it has a break barrel system, an 11 mm scope rail and a 2-stage adjustable trigger. This rifle also comes in .177 and .22 calibers (I’m reviewing the .22).

RWS is known for their value and quality German-built air rifles. There’s no doubt about it that this gun will last you years with proper use. A beautiful wood stock and full in size, this is the perfect choice for adults – both beginner and experienced shooters. This rifle is too big for kids.

A weight of 9.6 pounds ensures the rifle shoulders well when taking shots.

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Insanely Accurate

The Model 34 is extremely accurate. There’s an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight that allow you to zero in on the target and shoot with high accuracy. The cocking difficulty is very low. At 33 pounds, you won’t have an issue cocking the T06 trigger and taking a shot.

Cocking for the first 100 shots or so was a bit tight. After this point, it’s much more fluid.

If you’re planning on hunting big game, you’ll want to look elsewhere. With a .22 caliber, you’ll find that this rifle excels when hunting small game and pests. You can also get in some good target practice of course.

Easy to use, you’ll want to adjust the rear sights on the included RWS300 scope. Magnification power is 4×32.

Want to be knocked out of your boots? I successfully made 1” groups at a 60-yard distance. When I was at 40 yards, I consistently hit .5” groups. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So, what did I like and not like about the Model 34?

Beat My Expectations

I wasn’t expecting this air rifle to be as accurate as it is. With open sights, I was hitting targets with insane accuracy. The 33-pound T06 trigger was near perfect, and there is very little recoil, which means you can group shots without much accuracy loss.

Minor Faults

So, the question lingers “what didn’t I like?” The trigger was tight for the initial 100 shots or so. This isn’t much of a concern and I was expecting it honestly. I added a dab of lubing to loosen it up a bit and it worked perfectly after that.

If you’ve ever purchased an air rifle before, you know that some just have stiff triggers, and there’s no way around it.

For around $300, you can’t find many that are better than the RWS Model 34. This is the #1 ranked air rifle by RWS. Maintenance is also a breeze. RWS recommends cleaning the barrel after 1,000 shots, but I’m a little picky and clean mine after every 300 – 500 shots. It’s probably overkill, but I always want the utmost in accuracy and firepower.

My RWS Model 34 air rifle review test left me sitting outside all weekend shooting targets. Easy to use, highly accurate, a 4 x 32 scope, a weight of just over 9 pounds and a T06 trigger left me out in the yard like a little kid. With barely any maintenance needed at all, this model gets my highest recommendation.

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