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UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - on rifle

UTG 4×32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot (click to enlarge)

Versatile airguns are in a reality a rarity in the scene. A model that can be used on all activities from hunting, on-field target practice, plinking and pest control is something to be lauded at because it will provide you benefits. You won’t have to buy another piece or add-on anymore because you have something that works on all of your choice airgun pursuits.

The UTG Hunter Scope claims to be a nifty addition; one that promises will get the job done once you have attached it on your piece. Read the rest of the article to find out if this particular add-on scored high on consumer reviews.

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This air rifle scope has a powerful 4x magnification scope, which enables users to hit their targets from greater distances. It includes a built-in angled sun shade and a mil-dot reticle to let users adjust shots for height and windage with remarkable precision.

Specifications are as follows:

  • 4x magnification
  • 32-mm angled lens
  • 1-inch tube diameter
  • 310-mm overall length
  • 1 ounces overall weight
  • 32-feet field of view
  • 4-inches eye relief
  • 8-mm exit pupil
  • 1/4-inch click value
  • Mil-dot reticle
  • 35-yards parallax setting
  • Sapphire lens coating
UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - specifications
UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - mounted


UTG Leapers, Inc. designs, produces and distributes a broad span of remarkably innovative, high-tech products meant for hunting and shooting sports. Once a small garage business, the company has since then expanded into a big business following more than two decades of diligence and productivity. Quality, innovation and value are the company’s priorities and this extends down to their wide array of groundbreaking, oft-praised pieces.

One of their bestsellers is the UTG Hunter Scope. Its 4x magnification has been a hit with most enthusiasts due to its design and craftsmanship. It has an integrated sun shade to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun while you’re doing your rounds plus the model’s Swatface Optics includes detachable flip-open lens caps to safeguard the lenses and lets users employ the scope only when required.

In addition to its mil-dot reticle, the piece also features dovetail rings, sapphire-coated rings to acquire greater light transmission for accuracy, pre-adjusted parallax at 35 yards, 30-milimeter lens aperture and a finger-adjustable turret.

It’s a True Strength scope that is secured, nitrogen-filled as well as rainproof, shockproof and fog proof so you can take it anywhere regardless of the weather.

The whole package is capped off with additions like a micro-fiber cloth for maintenance, medium-profile .22 dovetail airgun rings, allen wrench, hex screw, standard manual and a mil-dot chart.

Check out the UTG 4×32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Air Rifle Scope in more detail below. Click any of the pictures below to enlarge.

UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - finger adjustable W:E knobs UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - rings UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - smart spherical structure


Buyers who were satisfied with the piece said the model did a great job of managing recoil and does not get in the way of the rifle’s complete design. Its wind elevation rings worked decently despite it being an add-on, plus the rings were of excellent quality overall.

Several have praised the model for its lightness. One noted that it was a perfect attachment since it doesn’t add weight drastically to the rifle.

One also commented that the scope’s parallax adjustments were convenient for shooting at shorter distances. It made setting up things for the next shot easier and provided decent accuracy. Check the manual for more details. Many were also satisfied with the price of the add-on since it costs virtually half the price of many topnotch mil-dot scopes.


One buyer said he was satisfied with the overall quality of the scope, but he was a little bit disappointed with the optics because they were not sharp and could not accommodate the diopter. In addition, one reviewer also noted that the product’s biggest setback was its tight eye-box, which lacks variable eye-relief distance. The buyer said the add-on needs accurate eye placement if one wishes to get a suitable view through the scope, and this hindrance could pose as a problem for beginners.

Final Verdict

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UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle Rings - special features

UTG 4X32 1-inch Hunter Scope Mil-dot Airgun Air Rifle RingsSo far majority of reviews for the UTG Hunter Scope were positive, so if you need a scope that won’t burden you with its weight and provides excellent accuracy, this product is worth every cent you splurge. For all budget-wise airgun aficionados, this is a recommended product that you have to try out.