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Winchester M14 Semi-Automatic Review

Winchester M14 Semi-Automatic – Click to enlarge

It’s not often I get the chance to review an air rifle that was inspired by combat rifles issued to U.S. Military Veterans. That’s why I jumped at the chance to test the Winchester M14 Semi-Automatic. Winchester was one of four firearms manufacturers contracted by the government to supply M14s. This rifle is a salute to both the military and the original M14.

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Semi-Automatic Fun

The Winchester M14 is a .177 caliber CO2 air rifle that can fire up to 16 shots before reloading. It holds two 8-round magazines for 16 shots total. After 8 shots, just flip the clip to keep shooting. You can load BBs, pellets or a combination of both.

The clip holds two 12 gram cylinders to give the rifle more power. The cylinders are very easy to load, albeit strange. All I did was load the two cylinders into the clip, and then insert the clip into the gun. I’ve shot other CO2 rifles that use an adjustable wingnut to install the cylinders, but M14 uses a separate hex key. It’s not a bad design, but my main concern is losing the key. The good news is that it comes with two keys, and you can keep one in the bottom of the magazine.

Durable and Rugged

Winchester is known for its high quality rifles, and the M14 semi-automatic is no different. The composite stock is both durable and rugged. Out of the box, this rifle only weighs 4.4 pounds. I would have liked to see a hardwood stock, but that would have weighed it down.

I like the size of this rifle. It’s 44.5” long in total with a 21” barrel. It’s designed mainly for plinking and fun, but it really does look just like a true M14.

Great Accuracy and Power

The two CO2 cylinders are what give this air rifle its higher velocity. Winchester bills the M14 at a maximum 700fps, which I’d say is spot on. For such a lightweight rifle, it packs a pretty good punch.

The M14 has fixed front and adjustable rear sight. It’s exceptionally accurate at first. I was getting quarter-sized groups in the bull’s-eye. But after 5 or 6 shots, it starts losing accuracy. This is not uncommon with semi-automatic rifles, so I was expecting this to happen.

Fun and Easy to Shoot

The M14 wasn’t really designed for hunting or pest control. It was designed for fun plinking. And fun was exactly what I had with this rifle. If you’re used to shooting CO2 rifles, loading the cylinders may take some getting used to. Aside from that, this M14 replica is so easy to shoot, and I love not having to reload after every shot. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll have an easy time assembling and shooting this rifle.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Semi-automatic; up to 16 shots
  • Looks just like the original M14 issued by the U.S. Military
  • Great for fun plinking


  • Lots of plastic. This gun does have a lot of plastic parts, but it’s tough and durable. The plastic is really only a minor cosmetic concern.

Final Thoughts

I love the Winchester M14 semi-automatic for plinking and just plain fun shooting. Despite its light weight, it still has an impressive FPS thanks to the dual cylinder clip design. For under $100, this is a rifle that will give you hours of fun.

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