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Weihrauch HW30S Review

Weihrauch HW30S – Click to enlarge

Who knew a .177 could be this good? I’m a big fan of the Weihrauch brand, so naturally, I wanted to give the HW30S air rifle a try. A velocity of 675 fps seems a little on the low end, but let me tell you, the precision and balance of this sporting rifle makes it one of the best in its class.

Perfect for the beginner and advanced shooter alike, this break barrel, spring-piston has a cocking lever that requires just 18 pounds of effort. Being double-jointed, cocking is a breeze. The famous Rekord match trigger has a pull of just 1.25 pounds and is 2-stage adjustable to make shooting near effortless. At just 5.5 pounds, this rifle is light yet effective.

There’s also an automatic safety which is a nice addition.

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German Engineering at its Finest

The manufacturer spares no expenses with this rifle. It’s single-shot and has a velocity of 675 fps. If you’re used to faster fps models, you’ll find that the accuracy and ease of shooting make up for the lower overall fps.

Men, women and even younger teens won’t have an issue shooting this rifle.

Ideal for paper targets, cans and plinking, the manufacturer does not state that this is a rifle for hunting. With an accurate shot, you can probably take down smaller game without much of an issue.

The stock is not plastic like many rifles these days. Instead, it’s made out of beech wood. There’s also a rubber buttplate that adds to the overall comfort when shooting.

On to the Fun Stuff

Shooting is really smooth. There’s not much recoil since this is a .177, so don’t worry about taking fast grouping shots. The rear sight has adjustments for windage and elevation to help line up your shot, and the front sights have a globe with aperture inserts.

The length is 38.78” including the barrel.

I could shoot this rifle all day. This, to me, is the rifle for “riflemen.”

Grouping at 30 feet is so accurate that I had only two holes after ten shots. When shooting at 20 yards, I achieved grouping within .25”. This is simply exceptional accuracy. Even with no scope, this rifle allowed me to hit targets better than most scoped options I have tested.

What I Liked

This is an air rifle that can be passed on to family members when you’re done with it. It’s small and light enough for women and larger kids or teens, and provides some of the best accuracy for a .177 caliber without a scope.

An easy trigger to pull and a low cocking weight make this the perfect option for target practice.

What I Didn’t Like

When trying to adjust the trigger screw, it seemed as if it was stuck. Thankfully, I was just checking screws for tightening and didn’t need to change the adjustment at all. Out of the box, the trigger is smooth.

With enough force, I’m sure the screw would have budged allowing for adjustment.

If you’re in the market for a high quality .177 at under $350, this is one of the best. Made by Weihrauch, the HW30S is well-built, precise and the ideal choice for beginners or the advanced shooter that likes to target practice. Even without a scope, you’ll hit the target. If you haven’t read the Weihrauch HW50S review, click here.

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