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Browning Leverage Review

Browning Leverage – Click to enlarge

The Browning Leverage air rifle doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. It’s powerful, accurate and beautifully designed, but yet not many people seem to be talking about it. After reviewing the Leverage, I was impressed.

The Leverage comes in both .177 and .22 calibers. But this isn’t your typical spring-piston rifle. It’s a fixed barrel underlever. This was a new experience for me, but shooting was surprisingly smooth and easy.

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Built to Last

The Leverage has a solid build with a wood stock and raised cheek-piece on the right-hand side. At 8.60 pounds, this rifle is the perfect weight – even with the scope. It’s a bit longer than some other air rifles on the market (44.8” overall), but it’s beautifully designed.

Great Power

Both the .177 and the .22 have great accuracy and power.

  • The .177 shoots at 1000 fps
  • The .22 shoots at 800 fps

With the .177, I was achieving 1” groups at 50 yards. Killing squirrels, other pests and small game shouldn’t be an issue with this rifle.

As far as accuracy goes, the Leverage is spot on. It comes with a 3-9×40 scope as well as fiber optic sights (adjustable rear). If you prefer shooting with a scope, a fixed barrel is almost always the better option in terms of maintaining accuracy. And the Leverage fits the bill here. I’ve heard other users claim they’ve killed small critters at 75 yards. I can’t say I had the same experience, but it definitely seems plausible.

Awkward Loading

If you’re used to break-barrel rifles, loading the pellets might take some getting used to. The receiver area is a bit awkward to load, but you should get the hang out it fairly quickly.

Any able-bodied adult can cock this model. But at 28 lbs. of cocking effort, it might be difficult for a child to cock.


The Leverage can be used for both target shooting and small game hunting. It’s powerful, accurate and easy to cock. With an underlever design, it’s a smart choice for anyone who prefers using a scope. Speaking of scopes, the one included with the rifle is of good quality. The average shooter will have no need to replace it.

This rifle wasn’t quite as loud as I had imagined. It’s not terribly quiet, but I wouldn’t say it ranks high on the “loudness” scale either. It’s powerful yet highly accurate. And it’s easy to shoot.

What Could Have Been Better

The only complaint I really have about this rifle is that it doesn’t have an adjustable trigger. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but if an adjustable trigger is on your list of must-have features, this may not be the right rifle for you.

The Final Verdict

The Browning Leverage air rifle is a pleasure to shoot and a great buy for under $250. If you enjoy shooting with a scope, the fixed barrel design of this model is the way to go. Both the .177 and the .22 are powerful enough to take down small game and pests, but you can still have fun target shooting too. If you’re not a fan of break-barrels, but you’re looking for a spring-piston rifle, the Leverage is a smart choice.

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