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Crosman Phantom Review

Crosman Phantom – Click to enlarge

Powerful, all black, .177 caliber and a velocity of 1000 FPS are just a few of the reasons to choose the Crosman Phantom. With the extremely cheap price tag, this is one of my must-have air rifles – especially for beginners that aren’t on a huge budget.

An innovative body style, this break barrel features an all-weather stock. The grip is checkered and the two-stage adjustable trigger allows for trigger refinement and shooting preference. At just 6.1 pounds, this is a light yet powerful rifle.

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Outstanding for Entry Level Shooters

Entry-level shooters will find that the Phantom is the perfect balance between aesthetics, power and customizing. First, the cocking effort of 35 pounds is too much for younger shooters, but entry-level adults will be fine with cocking.

The safety features an easy lever design and the trigger is adjustable. If it has too much pull for your liking, adjust it to make it easier.

There is a mounting rail, dovetail, so you can attach a scope to the rifle for more accuracy. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to find a Crosman scope in the $30 – $40 range that will more than suffice. If you’re planning on hunting small game or pests in the garden, I recommend a scope for a clean, precise kill.

With just 6.1 pounds of weight, you’ll be able to easily hold this gun for an hour of target practice. Just remember, adding a scope will add more weight.

Extreme Accuracy

I was able to get pretty tight groups without a scope, but after installing a 3x9x40, the groups were so tight, I thought I was shooting a high-end gun. At 25 feet, I was shooting in the .25” – .5” grouping range. Moving back to 40 yards, I was still in the .5” consistently and up to the .75” range at other times.

Previous rifle owners will know that this tight of grouping is unseen in the under $100 range. It’s simply amazing how well-balanced the Phantom is.

You’ll also notice that this rifle has a decent recoil. While not too much, it does have a bit of a kick even for an adult. If you want to feel like you’re shooting a powerful rifle, this is definitely an added bonus.

Shooting into ¾” pine is smooth and effortless for this rifle.

The Sight Could Be Better

The rear sight was a little disappointing. The windage adjustments and the glow strands don’t provide the functionality that even the front sight on this rifle offers. Will this make a huge difference? No, but it deserves a mention. I recommend swapping out the rear sight with a Crosman scope for the utmost in accuracy.

There aren’t many air rifles for under $100 that are this good in the world. The Crosman Phantom is powerful, precise and the perfect choice for an entry-level shooter (adults). With close grouping and the option to mount a scope, you’ll be able to eliminate pests or enjoy a day of plinking with this rifle.

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