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Looking for the best air rifles under $200? Let’s face it – not every air gun enthusiast has a big budget to spend on new rifles. High-end air rifles are beautifully designed and shoot with extreme accuracy and power. But they come with a high price tag. For under $200, you can get your hands on a powerful, accurate and durable rifle. Even the most trusted names in the industry offer affordable rifles that any level shooter will enjoy. Whether you’re a hunter or just looking to get in some extra target practice, these rifles are the best in this price range.

Hatsan 95 – My #1 Top Pick

Hatsan 95 Review

Hatsan 95 – Click here to enlarge

Looking for a powerful and accurate rifle that looks just as good as it shoots? With three caliber choices, a Turkish walnut stock and a gold plated trigger, the Hatsan 95 is a beautiful rifle with impressive power and accuracy. The .177 shoots at a whopping 1,000fps, but the .22 still boasts an impressive 800fps. As for the .25, you’re looking at a velocity of 650fps.

With a checkered grip and padded forearm, this rifle won’t slip from your hands, and the recoil is minimal. Fixed front sights, adjustable back sights and a 3-9×32 scope help improve accuracy even more. It’ll take a little force to cock and it’s a bit on the heavy side, but it’s one of those rifles you can’t help but enjoy shooting.

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I’m still blown away by the power of this rifle. Even without the included scope, I was shooting with dime size accuracy. With the .22 and the .25 packing so much power, this is an air rifle you can easily use for hunting or pest control. The .177 is still powerful enough for small pests and great for plinking too.

Why I like this rifle: It packs a punch with amazing accuracy. The sleek look and feel of this rifle is just icing on the cake.

Gamo Big Cat

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Review

Gamo Big Cat 1250 – Click here to enlarge

If speed is your top priority, it’s hard to beat the Gamo Big Cat in this price range. With PBA ammo, this rifle can shoot at a blazing speed of 1200fps. Even with hunter pellets, I was still shooting at 1000fps – without breaking the sound barrier. This is one rifle you don’t want to underestimate. Small pests and game don’t stand a chance against the Big Cat.

With a two-stage trigger and bundled 4×32 scope, the Big Cat is powerful and accurate. This rifle is a great option for intermediate and advanced shooters. It’s easy to shoot, but beginners may find that the power of the Gamo Big Cat is too much for them.

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Built with a synthetic stock, you can shoot this air rifle in any weather. Twin cheek pads also mean that you can shoot comfortably with either hand. I also loved that this rifle was lightweight at just 6 pounds (without the scope).

Why I like this rifle: The Big Cat is powerful and accurate. I like it for pest control, but it’s a good choice for small game hunting too. It’s great for target shooting also, but I’d recommend shooting with hunter pellets to minimize noise.

Crosman Optimus

Crosman Optimus Review

Crosman Optimus – Click here to enlarge

The Crosman Optimus is a break barrel air rifle that’s on par with the Gamo Big Cat, but really excels in the accuracy department. This .177 caliber rifle shoots at 1200fps, and cracks like a .22. I was taken aback by the power of the Optimus after shooting straight through a 1/4” piece of wood. For pest control and small game hunting, the Optimus is a fine choice.

Complete with a bundled scope, this air rifle is incredibly accurate. After 30-40 shots, I had this rifle broken in and had no problems shooting tight groupings from a fair distance.

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Although the Optimus is very powerful, I don’t see beginners having a problem shooting it. It’s easy enough for an adult to cock and features a light trigger pull. At 6.5 pounds, this is a solid rifle that feels great in your hands. Backed by the Crosman name, the Optimus does not disappoint.

While looks really don’t matter when it comes to an air rifle’s performance and quality, it’s always nice to shoot something that looks good. And the Optimus doesn’t disappoint in this department either.

Why I like this rifle: The Optimus is a powerful, accurate rifle with a quality scope. It’s easy to shoot and just as easy to break in. No matter whether you’re shooting pests or small game, the Optimus can get the job done.

Ruger Air Magnum

Ruger Air Magnum

Ruger Air Magnum – Click here to enlarge

Available in two calibers (.177 and .22), the Ruger Air Magnum is a rifle that’s great for target shooting, pests and small game. Shooting at 1200fps, the Air Magnum is the perfect name for this air gun.

An adjustable trigger and tactical rail are just two of the many features I liked about this rifle. It’s accurate and it packs a lot of power into a .22.

With lightweight pellets, this rifle will break the sound barrier. With heavier pellets, you’ll find supreme accuracy and a quieter shooting experience. Even with the onboard sights, you’ll be taking out pests and small game with ease. Add in the bundled scope, and you’ll bring your accuracy to the next level.

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The Ruger Air Magnum is a rifle that’s easy to shoot, but best suited for adult shooters. Heavier in weight and difficult to cock, young shooters would have difficult time using this rifle.

Why I like this rifle: I love the sleek look of this rifle, but I was really surprised by how great the scope is on this model. Powerful yet accurate, this is a rifle that I truly enjoyed shooting.

Crosman Nitro Vantage

Crosman Nitro Venom Review

Crosman Nitro Vantage – Click here to enlarge

Looking for a rifle that isn’t spring piston? The Crosman Vantage Nitro is powered by Nitrogen Piston. It’s easy to cock, quieter than a typical spring piston and you experience virtually no recoil. What more could you want from an air rifle?

Worried about accuracy? Don’t be. The Vantage Nitro features a wide forearm, fluted muzzle brake and a 3-9.x32 scope to improve accuracy, so you hit your target every time. It took me just 100 shots to break in this rifle, and after that, I achieved one inch groups with ease.

No matter whether you’re taking down squirrels, rabbits or other small game, the Nitro Vantage will be up to the task.

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Did I mention it shoots at 950fps with alloy pellets? And I didn’t even have to replace the scope that came with this rifle – it was that good.

Why I like this rifle: The Nitro Vantage is my top pick for Crossman rifles. It’s powerful and accurate, but it’s quiet and recoilless.

These are the five best air rifles you can buy for under $200. The right one for you will depend on your needs and the rifle’s purpose. You don’t need to spend several hundred (or a thousand) dollars to own a high quality air gun. All of these guns offer power, accuracy and durability. No matter what your purpose for the rifle is, any one of these models will provide you with more than enough power to get the job done. There’s something for everyone in this price range whether you’re looking to improve your accuracy, eliminate pesky squirrels or hunt rabbits.