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Crosman M4-177 Review

Crosman M4-177 – Click to enlarge

Have you seen the M4-177? An air rifle that looks this amazing deserves a test run no matter the manufacturer. Built by Crosman, I had a feeling this gun was going to blow me away, and it did. Featuring a .177 caliber, this is a pneumatic air rifle that has a lot to like.

Pellets and BBs can be shot at 600 FPS and 625 FPS respectively. There are accessory rails for mounting a scope (one isn’t included), or you can mount a camera, laser or even a flashlight. This would add to the rifle’s very low weight of 4.2 pounds, but not by much. Most scopes only weigh 1 – 2 pounds, so even at 6 pounds, this is a lightweight rifle.

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Dual Ammo Options

Not many pellet guns can also accommodate BBs. This is a lot of fun if you want to shoot with pellets or BBs, and there is a lot of holding capacity available.

  • 5-shot pellet clip
  • Reservoir to hold 350 BBs

Pumping the rifle 9 times or so will allow BBs to reach 625 FPS and pellets 600+ FPS. Unlike other rifles, even a 9 or 10 year old will be able to pump the M4-177 with ease. With the option to use less lethal BBs, this is a great choice for anyone 10 and older, but even adults will love this air rifle.

The stock is also adjustable so that you can make adjustments to fit your arm length.

Accurate Shot Even Without a Scope

Mounting a scope or a laser on this model would enhance its versatility. However, the windage and elevation can be adjusted using the dual aperture rear sights. Grouping after 5 rounds at 20 yards was 1 ¼”. Not insanely close together as I would expect from a high-end model, but much closer than other models in this price range.


The look, holding capacity and decent FPS make this a decent choice for new shooters. Advanced shooters would want a rifle that has a closer grouping, but it still competes with other rifles in this price range and does a heck of a job at that.


There’s one issue, and it has to do with the BBs. When shooting BBs, I found that the accuracy suffered greatly. Why? I’m really not sure. It seemed as if I needed a whole different adjustment and had to really figure out how to shoot again.

It took some time, but I was able to eventually hit targets with BBs, but it wasn’t ideal. I would stick to pellets if you want to hunt possum or any other small game. With 10 pumps, you’ll easily clear pests out of your garden.

The M4-177 Air Rifle is one of the best looking rifles I’ve ever seen in this class. You can add a scope, light or laser to make it even more accurate, but this isn’t a necessity when shooting pellets. The ability to adjust the stock allows users of all sizes to be able to accurately and comfortably take a shot with ease. At under $60, this is a beautiful rifle, especially for the entry-level shooter.

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