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Crosman Classic Review

Crosman Classic – Click to enlarge

Crosman couldn’t have picked a better name for the Classic 2100. It has that classic rifle look with power to match. While I can’t say this gun is perfect, it’s definitely one of the better variable pump air rifles on the market today. And I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and finally review it.

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.177 Caliber, Variable Pump

The Classic 2100 is a .177 caliber, variable pump air rifle. It’s self-contained, so you’ll need between 3 and 10 strokes of the onboard lever to compress the air. The BB magazine holds 17 shots.

This rifle has a solid build, but it’s still light in weight at just 4.8lbs. The light weight is thanks to the plastic forearm and stock. I love wood stocks just as much as the next person, but in this case, the lighter weight is more than enough of a trade-off. It’s still highly durable and certainly not cheap looking.

The Classic features a visible impact front sight and rear sights that you can adjust for elevation and windage. It has a cross bolt safety and a metal receiver.

We know this gun is well made, but how well does it shoot?

Controlled Power

Because this is a variable pump rifle, you can choose just how powerful your shots are. Ten strokes will give you the most powerful shot, but a few strokes will suffice for shorter range shots.

Now, this rifle doesn’t shoot as fast as other spring-powered air rifles. The velocity for the Classic 2100 is up to 755 FPS with BBs and 725 FPS with pellets. I like this gun better for pellets, but it still works great with BBs.

With 10 pumps, you can easily take out squirrels and other pests or small game. But if you’re just doing some target practice, all you need is four or five pumps to take out paper targets with ease.

Great Accuracy

The Classic 2100 doesn’t come with a scope, so you’ll need to rely on the iron sights to get an accurate shot. Honestly, I wouldn’t say a scope is necessary for this rifle. It’s accurate right out of the box.

Accuracy is where my issue with BBs comes in. There’s too much barrel rifling to get truly accurate shots with BBs. This doesn’t happen when shooting pellets, so keep this in mind if you do buy this rifle.

The Good

The Crosman Classic 2100 is lightweight, accurate and gives you control over how powerful your shots are. It’s a great rifle for pest elimination, small game hunting and target shooting. While the stock is synthetic, this rifle still has a great look to it and feels good in your hands.

The Not-so-Good

Accuracy was all over the place when shooting BBs. Just shoot with pellets and you’ll have no problem getting accurate, powerful shots.

Pumping isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. If you’re new to variable pump rifles, this gun may take some getting used to.

The Final Verdict

The Crosman Classic 2100 air rifle is great gun if you’re looking for something that’s powerful, affordable and very budget friendly — it’s hard to pass up this rifle. Sure, you have to pump in between shots, but if you do it right, one shot is all you need.

Click here to buy now and get discounted price on the Crosman Classic .177 Caliber Air Rifle. Extremely lightweight at only 4.8 pounds!