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Remington Thunderceptor HT Air Rifle, 3-9x50 air rifle scopeThe Thunderceptor includes a built-in Picatinny rail-up top plus a sound suppressor so you can go about your rodent hunting duties and marksmanship practice without the aid of earplugs. More information on the model can be found below.

Click here to buy now or to see the price on the Remington Thunderceptor HT .177 Caliber Air Rifle. Get the .22 caliber here.


Remington Thunderceptor HT Air Rifle, quality 3-9x50 air rifle scopeAirguns have been the go-to choice for many enthusiasts because they are relatively quiet to operate, thus practicing the fundamentals can be done without disturbing the neighbors. It’s also recommended to keep pests at bay.

The Remington Thunderceptor air rifle features a tactical-style synthetic stock, which includes a modifiable cheek piece. It also has a 2-stage trigger and a standard anti-bear trap safety and a 3 to 9 x 50 mil-dot air rifle scope.

Other specifications are as follows:

  • .177-caliber
  • 1250 fps
  • Break barrel action
  • Rifled style barrel
  • Single-shot fire mode
  • Ambidextrous grip
  • 7 lbs. overall weight
  • 88 inches overall length
  • 8 inches barrel length
  • 2-low/medium loudness
  • 1 magazine capacity
  • Gas piston
  • 11-mm dovetail
  • 1-shot per fill
  • 1-year limited warranty


Remington Thunderceptor HT Air Rifle, with 3-9x50 Scope air rifleRemington Arms Company (wiki) has been in the firearms and ammunition business for more than 200 years now and has been hailed in the industry as one of the most prolific and innovative manufacturer of weapons ranging from handguns, shotguns to state of the art rifles. The company was deeply involved in the World War II effort and supplied rifles and ammunition for the Allied Powers.

Due to the demand for quality airguns, the company decided to produce their own line of topnotch models, the Remington Thunderceptor being one. The piece is a break barrel air rifle with a promised extra punch and features a tactical style stock with an adjustable cheek piece that you can use no matter the weather. It is available for purchase in .177 and .22 caliber models.

It features a 3-9×50 rifle scope with an illuminated Mil-Dot reticle and is considered strong enough to take on small game like rabbits, which makes it the perfect piece to tote along on your hunting and target-practice sprees. The unit can also take on targets with up to 1,350 fps with alloy and 1,250 fps with lead pellets plus it includes a fluted, heavy barrel with built-in sound suppression so you won’t have to deal with angry neighbors around your area complaining about gun noise.


Many customers are so happy with their purchases because of its mad power. They like that the piece was heavy, strong and spot-on. Others have commented that the piece was more of a sniper rifle meant for long-range shots.

However, one user advised that to actually acquire the 1250 fps that the company claims, users have to use something like a 9.2gr HN Crow-Mag instead of the lead pellets. Several reviewers also took positive notes on the model’s design; they said it was sturdy and well crafted like the commercial guns, shotguns and rifles that the company manufactures.


Buyers who were satisfied usually praised the piece for its strength and control but others griped that with such power, it’s usually the weight and noise, which poses problems on users. One said that he used heavier pellets for the model but it was still kind of loud.

The Remington Thunderceptor rifle was heavily built and nice to look at but it was not fun to shoot since it was a bit on the heavy side thus it is not recommended for teens and smaller individuals. One also commented that the trigger is too long and will take much effort to gain long shots. 

Final Verdict

Click here to buy now or to see the price on the Remington Thunderceptor HT .177 Caliber Air Rifle. Get the .22 caliber here.

If power is all you need for an air rifle, then this Remington piece is worth a try. Granted, several customers have commented that regardless of the company’s “noise-suppressing” claims, it was still a bit on the noisy side so check it first before a purchase, especially if you are fond of doing target practice around your area.

The Remington Thunderceptor air rifle is recommended for plinking and small game thus enthusiasts who are into these practices may give this decent model a look. It gives good shots with appropriate ammunition, will impress fellow enthusiasts and will look good standing with other airguns in your collection.