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Weihrauch HW80 Review

Weihrauch HW80 – Click to enlarge

Weihrauch air rifles are the top of the line, and getting my hands on the HW80 has been a long time waiting.  Powerful and accurate is how the Weihrauch brands this rifle, and they’re dead right. Featuring 0.177 and .22 caliber options, you’ll shoot at a 1000 or 765 fps depending on pellet and caliber type.

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Weight and Build

You want a rifle with a little weight to it. The HW80 weighs 8.82 pounds, so it’s a little on the heavy side without a scope. When a scope is added, you’ll be dealing with a 10.3 – 10.5 pound rifle at this point. For younger shooters, this may be a little on the heavy side.

A spring-piston powerplant, single-shot function rifle, this is suggested for small game hunting and plinking. The buttplate is rubber, which provides for a better shooting experience. The rifle is made from beech and is brown in color.

I didn’t have this model long at the time of writing this review, but many of my friends and others users have been shooting the HW80 for years without any quality issues. There’s even a one year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about replacement if something does go wrong.

Now That’s Accuracy

I’m not going to talk about using a scope because this rifle doesn’t come with one. If you’ve ever tried shooting with just front and rear sights, you’ll know that it can be difficult. The HW80 is so well balanced and the micrometer adjustable rear sights had me grouping at .5” – .75” at 30 yards without an issue. With a scope, you’ll have no issues hitting ¼” grouping at 50 yards.

The two-stage trigger is extremely smooth and only has a pull of 2.3 pounds. Anyone can shoot this gun with such a light pull. There’s also a 34 pound cocking effort.

At the high-end price range, a lot of shooters like to put on their own scope. Ideally if you’re hunting, you’ll use one to increase your accuracy. Even at 100 yards without a scope, I was able to plink without an issue. There’s simply nothing like it.

One of the Best in the World

What really stood out to me when shooting? Accuracy. This model is a prime example between a budget and high-quality rifle. You’ll be able to hit targets at a further range without a scope than you would be able to with a lower-end rifle that has a scope. It’s so well balanced that, dare I say, this is one of the best air rifles in the world.

My Only Complaint

After over a week of usage, I noticed that the stock screws started to come loose. Springers tend to have this issue, so I put some Loctite on the screws and they lasted much longer before loosening again.

If you want quality craftsmanship, you’ll find very few air rifles that can compete with the HW80 air rifle. It’s precise, it’s powerful and it is one of the top rifles I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. This air rifle is on the high-end side and comes in at under $600, but it’s worth every penny. It’s also worth checking out my review of the Weihrauch HW30S and HW50S.

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