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Weihrauch HW50S Review

Weihrauch HW50S – Click to enlarge

The HW50S comes in two calibers: .177 and .22, and both provide one heck of a shot. Weihrauch is a brand known for their high quality, so even before taking my first shot, I knew this air rifle would be balanced and accurate.

Beechwood is used on the stock, and there’s also a checkering design which displays the “Weihrauch” name.

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Weight and Comfort

Picking up this rifle, you can tell just how well built it is. The design is really solid, and the total weight is just 6.8 pounds. That’s relatively light, but there is no scope included, so that will add another pound or two to the rifle’s overall weight.

The barrel length is 15.5” and the complete rifle is 40.5”. It would be difficult for a kid to shoot this rifle, but teens and adults shouldn’t have an issue. Beginners really benefit from a scope, so if you don’t mount a scope, I would recommend this model for intermediate and advanced users.

Comfort is the name of the game. The grip is perfect and I felt like I really had control when shooting. The rubber buttplate also added to my overall comfort when taking a shot. A break barrel action and spring-piston powerplant, this is a single-shot rifle, and the overall noise produced is moderate. It’s obviously louder than a suppressor, but definitely not the loudest I shot.

Cocking back the rifle was a little stiffer than I expected at 24 pounds. However, the two-stage trigger moves fluidly when taking a shot.

Shooting Without a Scope

I was too excited to even mount a scope before trying out the HW50S. Front sights feature a globe with aperture inserts. The rear sights allow you to adjust for windage and elevation. Once all of the adjustments were made, I took my first shot.

After 100 or so shots, you can really tell the accuracy of this rifle. Hitting targets at 50 and even 100 yards was not an issue at all. For plinking or small game hunting, this rifle gets a huge thumbs up from me. If you install a scope, the accuracy is even better.

Perfectly balanced, grouping of .5” at 30 – 40 yards was a breeze.

There’s a Lot to Like

Accurate and precise, this is one of the only rifles that I’ve tested that produce more fps than advertised. The .22 is advertised as 574 fps, but with 11.9-grain pellets, I was hitting 640 – 650 fps.

Precision shots, well-built and well-balanced are just a few reasons why this model is so popular.

One Recommendation

There’s no complaints at all with this rifle. In fact, the only recommendation I can give is to mount a scope on it. A scope will make your shot even more accurate and is the ideal choice when hunting. Otherwise, the trigger’s smooth, the rifle is well made and balanced, and accuracy is insanely good.

The HW50S is a mid-to-high range rifle that costs just under $400. One of the top rifles in this price range, the HW50S is the perfect choice for plinking and small game hunting and comes packed with power, beauty and quality craftsmanship. Make sure to check out the Weihrauch HW30S or HW80 too!

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